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icon_model Blazguez (JNS03) 
icon_model Continuum model of tubulin-driven neurite elongation (Graham et al 2006) 
Graham, Bruce
icon_model Dendritic Na inactivation drives a decrease in ISI (Fernandez et al 2005) 
Fernandez FR, Mehaffey WH
icon_model Distributed representation of perceptual categories in the auditory cortex (Kim and Bao 2008) 
Bao, Shaowen, Kim, Heesoo
icon_model Elementary mechanisms producing facilitation of Cav2.1 (P/Q-type) channels 
icon_model Generic Bi-directional Real-time Neural Interface (Zrenner et al. 2010) 
Zrenner, Christoph
icon_model HHsim: Graphical Hodgkin-Huxley Simulator 
David S. Touretzky, Mark V. Albert, Nathaniel D. Daw, Alok Ladsariya and Mahtiyar Bonakdarpour
icon_model Homeostatic synaptic plasticity (Rabinowitch and Segev 2006a,b) 
Rabinowitch, Segev
icon_model IA and IT interact to set first spike latency (Molineux et al 2005) 
Fernandez FR,Mehaffey WH
icon_model Inner hair cell auditory nerve synapse model (Deligeorges, Mountain 1997) 
Mountain, David Deligeorges, S
icon_model Krauzlis (JNP94) 
icon_model Laminar connectivity matrix simulation (Weiler et al 2008) 
Shepherd, Gordon MG
icon_model Linking STDP and Dopamine action to solve the distal reward problem (Izhikevich 2007) 
Izhikevich, Eugene
icon_model Lisberger (Nature92) 
icon_model Model of calcium oscillations in olfactory cilia (Reidl et al. 2006) 
icon_model Model of cochlear membrane adapted (Peterson, Bogert 1950) 
Naidu, R Mountain, David
icon_model Motoneuron simulations for counting motor units (Major and Jones 2005) 
Major, Lora
icon_model Multiple mechanisms of short term plasticity at the calyx of Held (Hennig et al. 2008) 
icon_model Multiple modes of inner hair cell stimulation (Mountain, Cody 1999) 
Mountain, David
icon_model Neural model of frog ventilatory rhythmogenesis (Horcholle-Bossavit and Quenet 2009) 
Horcholle-Bossavit and Quenet
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